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We have established ourselves as one of the leading developers of new technology in our arena. We continue to push the boundaries of technology developing exciting and innovative products for the global market. We have a culture of innovation where our employees can make a difference and we are looking for like minded, dynamic individuals to come and join our rapidly expanding team. Our growth strategy is built on employee talent, innovation and high technology. We aim to meet the challenges of the future by bringing together employees from a wide variety of national and educational backgrounds and providing them with the tools and resources they need to apply their talents toward our shared success. With that in mind, our recruitment policy is based on clearly defined values, a group hiring process and simplified application procedures using this website.

Our Human Resources policies
To promote the professional development of our employees, our human resources policies are anchored in diversity, mobility, fairness and responsibility:
• Diversity in terms of profile, education and culture, to bring together talent from all backgrounds and parts of the world.
• Mobility, so that our employees enjoy continuous career growth by changing jobs, sector or even country.
• Fairness, through a compensation policy based on individual performance, top-notch employee benefits and a progressive employee share ownership policy.
• Responsibility, because ethics, safety and sustainable development are core concerns, both in terms of our actions around the world and the development of our employees.

Our Recruitment process
We are committed to maintaining close relationships with employees and strive to foster this closeness from the very start of our relationship with applicants. Though it can vary by country and sector, our recruitment process involves some common steps and principles:
• All applicants can access job openings at a centralized recruitment site,
• A group hiring process through a series of interviews with our HR managers, the managers of the professional discipline concerned and future supervisors.
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