Strategy and Goals

United Power Group’s strategy,
United Power Group’s strategy, the implementation of which is based on a model for sustainable growth combining the acceptability of operations with a sustained, profitable investment program, aims at: 

• Expanding hydrocarbon exploration and production activities throughout the world, and strengthening its position as one of the global leaders in the natural gas markets.
• Progressively expanding United Power Group's energy offerings and developing complementary next generation energy activities (solar, biomass, nuclear).
• Adapting its refining system to market changes and consolidating its position in the marketing segment in Europe, while expanding its positions in the Mediterranean basin, Africa and Asia.
• Developing its chemicals activities, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, while improving the competitiveness of its operations in mature areas; and
• Pursuing research and development to develop "clean" sources of energy, contributing to the moderation of the demand for energy, and participating in the effort against climate change.

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