United Power Group, Germany.
It’s a publicly-traded integrated international chemical company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer, United Power Group operates in more than 80 countries.

To meet growing energy needs on a long-term basis, United Power Group’s strategy involves deploying a sustainable growth model combining the acceptability of its activities with a sustained program of profitable investments.

United Power Group prides itself on building lasting relationships that invariably prove beneficial to both suppliers and customers, whatever the market. Over the years, we've proven this with an ever-expanding pool of worldwide contacts which translates into all-around better sourcing and more competitive pricing. Our comprehensive service from Canada, for example, is approaching its third decade. Listed as one of the top chemical producers and distributors in the country, United Power Group provides the chemicals for the manufacture of products that range from commodities to resins and advanced pharmaceutical preparations. What's more, to meet the challenges of our market's technologies, we are able to work as advocates for innovation by developing joint projects between our manufacturers and our suppliers. In fact, as a result of these proactive unions, United Power Group is now the exclusive agent throughout the United States and Canada for a number of specialty chemicals.

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