Pressure Chemical Company has a unique array of chemical processing equipment and chemical process expertise. We also have the ability to re-configure our pilot specifications quickly to meet your particular requirements.

Community involvement.
At United Power Group, we are proud of our employees. Their talents, creativity and can-do attitude make our company a very special place to work. The dynamic workplace environment our employees have established naturally extends into the communities where we operate.

Being a good neighbor means benefiting our communities. We achieve this by building relationships, being involved in community activities and through communicating with our neighbors. By opening avenues for dialogue and interaction, we build confidence and trust, and contribute to sustainable prosperity for the communities in which we operate. Our community relations programs also demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility and Operational Excellence.

Find out how we concentrate our community relations actions in Focus Areas, including our annual Global Care Day service initiative. Learn how we are helping schools in our communities show children how science can be fun through our Explore & Experiment program. Read examples of how we are making a difference in our communities in Community Features.

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